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African International Christian Mission Inc.
Prayer Letter

October 2006

Re: Thanksgiving Basket for the Hungry

Dear Friend:

We greet you wholeheartedly in Jesus precious Name!

We praise God for a successful conclusion of our 21-Day Fast and Prayer Month in September. As we enter the last quarter of this year, which includes a month of Thanksgiving, we are reminded of Isaiah 58:3-7 where the Lord outlines the kind of fast He approves as follows:
1. To loose the bands of wickedness,
2. To undo the heavy burdens,
3. To let the oppressed go free,
4. To break every yoke,
5. To feed the hungry, care for the poor, and cloth the naked.

In response to this commission from the Lord, for the past 5 years the Africa International Christian Mission (AICM) has been committed to feeding the hungry and caring for the poor and needy in Liberia, West Africa, which just returned from a 15-year civil strife. For the same length of time and on a small scale, AICM has also been involved with a Food Outreach Program here in Boynton Beach, Florida under the supervision of Brother/Sister David and Michelle Blackwell. The good news to report is that AICM has been chosen to supervise this Program in light of the departure of the Blackwell’s to Ormond Beach, Florida. We have gladly accepted the responsibility, and all seems to be going well!

In preparation for this year’s “Thanksgiving Baskets” to the needy in Boynton Beach, Florida, we are soliciting any donations in FOOD or CASH so as to make this Thanksgiving a joyous one for at least 125 families. Inclusive in each Basket will be a list of goodies (see enclosed sheet), plus a small gift of $ 10.00 toward a Thanksgiving Turkey. Please make your contributions to Pastor Liberty of AICM. Thank you so much, and we wish you a very joyous and blessed Thanksgiving in advance!

Sincerely yours,

R. Zarwulugbo Liberty, Pastor
President, AICM


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