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African International Christian Mission Inc.
Prayer Letter

April 12, 2006

Dear Partners in Christ:

Thanks for your continual intercession and support to AICM and the battered children of our beloved country, Liberia. We serve a prayer answering God, indeed! He heard your prayers for peace to return to Liberia; and has graciously given us a New President, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first Lady to be elected to such a position in the history of Africa. May the God, who appoints all the judges of the earth, protect her and give her wisdom to lead her people.

President Sirleaf recently addressed the Joint session of the US Congress and reminded all of us of the historical ties between the US and Liberia, which go as far back as the 1800’s. The following is an excerpt from her speech to the August Body of the 109th Congress:
“The people of Liberia and the people of the United States are bound together by history and by values. We share a deep and abiding belief in the power of freedom, of faith and of finding virtue in work for the common good.
The national motto of Liberia - founded, as you know, by freed American slaves - is "The Love of Liberty Brought us Here." We became the first independent Republic in Africa. Our capital, Monrovia, is named for your president, James Monroe. Our flag is a star in a blue field with red and white stripes - its one star makes us the lone star state in Africa. Our constitution and our laws were based upon yours. The U.S. dollar was long our legal tender and still is used alongside the Liberian dollar today.
But our ties greatly exceed the historical connection. I stand before you today, as the first woman elected to lead an African nation, thanks to the grace of Almighty God; thanks to the courage of the Liberian people, who chose their future over fear; thanks to the people of West Africa and of Africa generally, who continued to give hope to my people. Thanks also to President Bush whose strong resolve and public condemnation and appropriate action forced a tyrant into exile and thanks to you - the members of this august body - who spurred the international effort that brought blessed peace to our nation.”

What a speech and what a tie, rooted in a “deep and abiding belief in the power of freedom”. President Sirleaf’s speech (in its entirety) can be read at the following website:

Again, thanks for your prayers for and support to AICM. For more information about this Mission, please visit us on the web at:
Sincerely yours,

R. Zarwulugbo Liberty, Pastor
President, AICM


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